A Flight is my Fancy

I’ve been a constant gardener for three weeks and flights up and down steps are de rigeuer as I move around the terrain.   So it gives me great pleasure to relieve my aching knees by packing bags and weighing them carefully before setting off for an altogether different flight from Stanstead.

We are bound for Zadar in Croatia where we will meet up with Nigel on the good ship Philippides V in a marina on the island of Murter.  Our rendez-vous point is rather far-flung and reflects a late change of plan because a member of Nigel’s previous crew crushed his toe and needed urgent medical attention.  This accident costs us dear; our taxi fare from the airport is 140 Euros for 90+ kilometres.

Nigel has prepared us a good chicken salad for supper.  In the morning Nick and I walk round to the supermarket on a provisioning mission.  I’ve looked in the fridge and lockers and estimated what we might need to carry us through the week.  We are not intending to moor up in any marinas and our itinerary is unlikely to put us in the way of any shopping facilities.  But there will be opportunities to eat ashore.

Coming out of Hramina marina on Murter we head north to pass between the islands of Zut and Kornat.  We are going to spend the next week cruising around the Kornati National Park.  It is a 35km archipelago of 140 islands and this will be Nigel’s first lingering experience in the Kornati, and a revisit of former favoured haunts for Nick and me.


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