Istrian Interlude

We woke to heavy rain and motored from Losinj.  We are going to leave the north Croatian islands in the archipelago behind and cross some open water to reach the southern tip of the Istrian peninsula.  We sail past Porer Lighthouse which is off the southwest coast of the southern cape of Istria.  From here we trace the west coast northwards, eventually reaching Rovinj towards the end of the afternoon.  By now the weather has turned fine and we all go ashore to stretch our legs.

Rovinj is the second leading destination in Istria and is also unofficially considered one of the most beautiful towns on the Adriatic coast.  Hence it is both a popular tourist resort and an active fishing port.  A wide quayside around the waterfront is backed by bars, restaurants, a few civic buildings.  A large flower market is in full swing.

The Rovinj skyline is dominated by the tall campanile of the church high above the town with its floodlit statue at the highest point, which appears to guard the roofs below. Its long history would be very different without the traditional devotion to St. Euphemia.  Beneath the church, the roofscape descends to the water’s edge and one cannot fail to notice the rather obtrusive flock of satellite dishes perched on top of the buildings.

After a short walk we settle at a waterfront restaurant where tables and chairs have spilled onto the quay and order a bottle of white wine.  We plan to eat aboard and order no food until Mike and I confer and then order a platter of steamed mussels to share.  As he takes the order, our waiter is very amused when we refer to ourselves as ‘the last of the big spenders’.

Back onboard and Carolyn serves her chicken and mushroom dish with rice, a Verity standby.  We all repair to our bunks early as we have a long journey ahead of us on the morrow.


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