Omelettes All Round

“You queue for hours at a polling station to be checked against one paper copy of the electoral roll.  You are given a short stubby pencil and a small scrap of paper to mark with an X, which is the sign of the illiterate, and you post this scrap of paper in an old tin box.  I mean, it’s just not cool……………………”

Waking to the sound of the World Service on the ship’s radio, this is what I hear as I sip my morning tea.  There is general mirth from our various cabins at these words, spoken by a local politician in response to questioning about people who had been turned away from polling stations after queueing fruitlessly to register their vote.   There’s disgruntlement out there and it’s pretty clear that there will be a hung parliament, the question being who is going to get into bed with whom.

We follow developments over successive days, blissfully cushioned from news overload by the limited times we can access a broadcasting station.

We’ve been woken early by fishermen lifting their nets.  Nick sees some small fish flapping around in the nets.  After breakfast we pick up our mooring and head north.  We’ve some 45 miles to cover today, our destination being Losinj.  We break at lunchtime and drop anchor off the east coast of Ilovik.  Nick makes us omelettes each customised to order. Mine’s tomato and red onion with a chunky scallion on the side.  After this a deck head survey (also known as a spot of Egyptian PT) is required.

To get to our overnight port we motor up the west coast of Losinj then along an inlet which takes us back down to the main port.  Carolyn and I go ashore and after some difficulty find a wine bar where we can use the internet for the modest cost of a glass of wine.  I’m glad to get a post out of the pipeline.  My Orange dongle is adequate for emails but it looks as if it is going to be a costly option for other internet usage – at least until I find out how much I can see and do within 1MB download at £8.   We eat ashore very cheaply at a small restaurant on the quay next to our boat.


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