A Houseful of Nutters

Easter Sunday was an excuse to get the family together……. not that we need excuses.  It’s a matter of pinning everyone down.  Nick and I don’t know how many more chances we will get to do ‘en famille’ at Godalming before we move, but on April 4th ten adults and seven children converged on us for the day.  Barns and the children came down on Friday for the duration.  On Saturday we went to the Spectrum in Guildford and spent two and a half hours in the pool complex.  It has various slides, play features, a couple of integral jacuzzi tubs and a wave machine which gets switched on every 15 minutes or so.  This is fab.

It will be many a year before we can face sitting down all together at a long table.  It’s a big ask of small children to respect Granny and Grandpa’s wish for decorum and stimulating conversation at the meal table.  Instead the children were seated for their lunch first and then allowed to play whilst the adults ate their lunch, buffet-style, dotted around the ground floor.  The kids came back for puds, then we followed and finished up with cheese.  That was pretty much eating done for the day.

During the children’s lunching interlude Nick pulled out his iPhone and captured some images.  These form the basis of my gallery.  It was Claire who gave me the idea for a title for this post, and for the image captions.  Nutters all.


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