The Eaters and the Eaten (or, Charles Behaving Madly!)

On 30th December Charlotte, Ryan and Ted moved into Hotel Les Fuchsias, the Hunters and Anthea arrived and the stage was being set for our New Year’s Feast, la Veille de Nouvel An.  It remained for Susie and Charles to join us, which they did during the afternoon of the 31st, Nick having picked them up from the Cherbourg ferry as foot passengers.

Our table at the restaurant was booked for 8.30 and we duly arrived, to find Charlotte and Ryan waiting for us in the bar.  This was a welcome sight.  Ted has been less than reliable about going to bed and staying asleep – he had already rotted up one of his parents’ proposed evenings out.

So nine guests were shown to a pretty oval table in the window of the conservatory.  Our set menus waiting.  The menu is termed un Menu Degustation which is not, as it sounds, Disgusting, but actually quite the reverse.  It is a Tasting meal so each course is small and beautiful.

We took lots of pictures, some of our food.  It was a happy occasion.  Sometime after midnight UK time we wended our way back to the house.  We were still fit to play some pool!


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