La Vie Ordinaire

We get back home on Monday afternoon and Nick is away at 6 the next morning for his ferry.  I’m due to follow in a week with my mother.  So it’s a week of chores interspersed with sociable interludes.  Even though the weather is still unusually warm I decide to sort my wardrobe.  I ought to have a life laundry but it’s not my bag.  However I put away all my summer clothes, restore winter items to the rail and arrange things in kind and colour.  It takes me a long time.  I take a few things to the charity shop.  This is as good as it gets.

I have lunch in Reading with Charlotte, Claire and some of the little folk on Friday.  On Saturday I endure a gruelling all day conchological meeting in London.  We eat together after, and that makes it feel a bit better.  Then it is countdown to Book Group on Monday evening.  We choose The Outcast by Sadie Jones as the next book and I’ve read it so come away with a glow that for once I’m in credit.  I’m away very early the next morning to collect my passenger and board the ferry for Cherbourg.

I forget to take my camera to France, which is griefsome, until I find I can borrow Nick’s.  First I must download his photos though.  Below is a gallery of pictures my spouse thought it worth recording 🙂 !


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