Hopping from One Hill to Another…

All too soon it is time to descend from the clouds and return to our Wey valley home.  Alex and Sarah slipped away very early on Sunday to return to Hackney.  When Nick and I presented for breakfast they had been on the road at least 2 hours.

It’s always good to make something of Sunday lunch and today we have a good excuse as Nick and I are going to celebrate a wedding anniversary.  Rob and Rosie have chosen a restaurant in Ilfracombe which will do very nicely.  Backed by Damien Hurst and owned by Simon Browne, The Quay sits right on the harbourside.

The Quay Restaurant and White Hart Bar is a culinary expedition by Damien Hirst and has been open for 4 years.  It is home to “a unique and substantial collection of the artist’s works with the Harbourside room dedicated to the Pharmacy theme and many other examples throughout using butterflies, fish and shells.” Click on the link above to get a flavour….

There are tasty things on the menu and included under main courses is the roast of the day at an everyday price.  We all opt for this, Rosie and I choose some crab claws to start.  It is a wet and windy day so the view through the windows shows a sea crashing against the rocks below.    Inside we can enjoy the circular plaques along the gallery in which we are eating.  These are painted in an assortment of paintbox colours, exotic shells are glued to the surfaces.   The effect is naive and very beautiful because shells can’t help themselves.

Back on the hill and time to rest…………

In the evening we eat up some soup for supper and play Scrabble.  We are getting along quite well until Nick blocks what I believe to be my only avenue for the round.  He tots up his score with glee and I smoulder.  It is then that I utter the words which bring the house down.  ” I do wish you wouldn’t be so unpleasantly triumphant….”  Whichever way I look at this after, I have to conclude I am a damn poor loser.

And so to bed and in the morning to rise and pack bags.  I have a number of plants to round up including two small orchids I bought in Value House in Barnstaple for £4.  I also bought various other bargains like planting bags for saladstuffs and the like, some miniature mousse moulds to make ‘amuse-bouches’, a job lot of small daffodil bulbs, a huge stainless steel lidded pan for cooking crustaceans (a snip at £8) and several Princess sticker books for the royal trio.

After breakfast we must get on the road.  So it’s a photo call in the courtyard and fond farewells till the next time.  On the way home we are going to detour to visit brother Paul and Viv who live on another hill near Lyme Regis.


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