West Coast Sandy Antics

Well this is it, the last post from August in St V.  We’ve pretty much covered the activities in previous pages although I might have forgotten to mention scrumping apples and greengages from our neighbour’s overhanging branches and I don’t think this counts as theft, even if I do get out a small pair of steps very early one morning and lean as far as I can over the wall to gather the fruits!

I should also have mentioned that not content with stringing up a swing for the children Nick went on to even greater things when he constructed a seesaw out of materials in the workshop: offcuts of oak left over from the making of the pergola, an old joist from the garage, plastic waterpipe and electrical conduit.  The pivotal component, quite literally, was a short length of stout yellow plastic tubing which acts as fulcrum.  Its a self assembly piece of kit, a big boy’s building blocks, which can be magicked into existence and dismounted for storage.  The kids loved it.  Whether a slide can be made quite so cheaply is another matter!

On the day they all brought home the spider crabs someone had to stay at home and cook them.  Well, who else was it going to be?  The rest of the gang drove across to the west coast where there are vast expanses of sand at low tide and if the wind is blowing in the right direction, it opens up a range of possibilities….

What took place was by all accounts exhilirating.  The keenest of participants returned to the house dusted from head to foot in sand and smiling from ear to ear.  The kite which tows the cart is about 8 feet wide.  First you get the kite aloft and when it is flying high you seat yourself on the cart, tug the kite downwards and it then pulls you along.  A pair of strong arms is a requirement and the fun to be had a reward.


Sam and Joel each had rides, the younger two were content to play around Nick at the top of the beach.  Lukie, photographer of the moment, was on hand to capture the images which tell their own story, below.


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