Two Birthdays and a BBQ

On a brilliantly sunny Sunday at the end of May a contingent of Lights and friends gathered chez Perryman to celebrate a 2nd and a 3rd birthday. In addition to some exciting presents,  Teddy and Charlie were blessed with the gift of a day that was warm enough to bring a paddling pool into service.  The weather has gone downhill since, even tempting one, horrors, to put the central heating back on in June!

Whilst the children, the eldest 8, the youngest 17 months, played happily, the adults conversed in small groups.  Centre stage was occupied by Grandpa, arriving on crutches in virtually post-operative state, having had one of his big toes ‘straightened’ the day before. To tell what they did would be too much information.  Nick reclined on the long sofa indoors, which suited this sun-shunner fine, and dealt his stories, tailored to order.  He’s very good at it.

Charlotte and Claire laid out a lovely spread to accompany the products of Ryan’s BBQ.  They do a great BBQ, chez Perryman.  No family day is complete without a final splash.  At the end of the day, tired children were ferried home in their pyjamas.  Below is a small gallery, for more pictures check out Chez Perryman.


2 thoughts on “Two Birthdays and a BBQ

  1. lovely pics and post – you caught a lovely shot of lola in nick the storyteller – soooo beautiful – they alla re of course but yu caught her brilliantly in tha one

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