Family Weekend

A good time was had by all.  The woods at the top of our garden are a wonderful amenity, as the photos attest, especially as the weather over the weekend was hardly kind and we did not venture far from the house.  Barns and crew arrived early evening on Friday and settled in.  The others arrived late on Saturday morning.  We shared a big bowl of prawns at midday (dear Joel who does not like them is prepared to peel for others) and a late afternoon feast of roast leg of French lamb.  A shared splash is a regular feature of Light gatherings – the smalls I mean.  But they are all big enough to enjoy the whirlpool feature which conjurs up giant meringue-like mounds of foam.  The little Sunbury and the little Hackneys were driven home to bed in their pjs.   On Sunday there was more playtime and fun.  At the end of the afternoon we all ate one of JACS’ favourites: a supper of mini toads.  After a wash and pj-time the JACS-mobile was loaded for its return to Cholsey.  I waved them off fondly and went straight to bed with a good book.


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