Farewell to the Gals

Janthina is afloat. We dropped our moorings mid-morning and left Marina Frapa. We motored past the ranks of luxury pleasure vessels and out of Rogoznica Bay.

Good bye! La Ola, Viola, La Giaconda

Pegasus, Jupiter, La Ginette

Calypso, Lento, Moderato

Soul Swinger, Nina and Covergirl IV.

We are heading northwest and are soon in open water passing between the coast and the island of Zirje. On the way Carolyn spots the two masts of Jandia across the water, looking pretty as a picture with her turquoise and royal blue spinnaker full. We track over to exchange pleasantries and Carolyn and I shoot numerous pictures of Jandia as she sails gently south.

As we glide over the water it is what I call an oily sea: the crests of the wavelings within the wavelets within the waves are as smooth as satin. We are heading for Smokvica where we know there is Konoba Piccolo which serves fabulous peppered beef. But the skipper finds there is a problem. The stern gland is overheating as a result of no water reaching the packing to cool it. Eek! As this could damage the shaft we have to return to Marina Frapa for a lift out and inspection. The chief engineer is duly brought into commission. He and the skipper must clean out the excess grease which is causing the problem and repack the gland. They manage this just in time to get Verity back in the water before the shore crew sign off for the day. But it was a mucky job and it takes a while to clean up afterwards.

When you are onboard some things are sacrosanct: the Red Ensign must come down at sundown……..carrots and dip are prepared and we sit in the saloon and wind down ourselves with a couple of glasses of wine, before taking the rib ashore to eat at the Restaurant Lanterna. Mike and I choose liver, Nick fancies a spaghetti Bolognese and Carolyn has Scampi Parisien with chips. The owners, whom Mike knows well because they are the only restaurant to stay open in the winter months, are truly hospitable and give us a bottle of draught red wine as we leave, to take back to Verity.

Friday………. we have heard that Mike’s mother has had the necessary surgery to initiate the long haul of recovery after a compound fracture of her ankle. His siblings and very capable daughter are managing the situation and the arrangements that will have to be made back home, and so far they feel able to continue their passage.

So we are going to head northwest once again.

Goodbye! Sellis, Stratos, Samitra

Celestial, Karma and Golden Gate

Zipper, Odyssey, Der Verwondering

Incas, Alithia and Mary Ann.

We retrace our course of the previous day and make for Dugi Otok which is the largest island in the Telascica National Park. We are hoping to anchor at Uvala Hiljaca by late afternoon and we will then enjoy our first evening eating on board.


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