Early Days Lazy Days

We step out of the aircraft onto the tarmac. It is bright, very pleasantly warm with a gentle breeze. Amadeus the Taxi has been booked to meet us and drives us to Marina Frapa. SY ‘Verity’ is very easy to find and we are welcomed onboard. She will be our home for the next 11 days.

Mike and Carolyn have been sailing together for 40 years and have been exploring the Croatian Islands for the past 6 years. They have many friends in the sailing fraternity and wherever they are there will be compatriots in their vicinity. On our first evening we were invited aboard SY ‘Jandia’ for a BBQ. She is a 54 foot two-masted 25 year old traditional “Nauticat” ketch owned by a group of Yorkshiremen. She is comfortably laid out in a nice old-fashioned way…………….. Nick has a vested interest in assisting with the cooking of the steaks to perfection. We enjoy a raucous evening.

We wake with heavy heads, but mine clears quickly. We take the rib (rigid inflatable boat) across the marina to shop at the market and local shops, meet up with Ivan, Richard and David and after a drink at the bar agree to have lunch at a local restaurant where I am delighted with crispy fried baby squids, salad and a half share of chips. More wine, results in a very long afternoon nap. I sleep through numerous phone calls because Mike’s mother has taken a tumble and is in hospital in the UK with a badly broken ankle. This is a real blow for an elderly lady and the priority is to ensure she gets the best medical care. But it is a worrying time. We eat a light supper onboard.

Wednesday is a gentle day of running repairs on Verity, a cycle into the village to post Granny’s postcards. This little foldaway is another bicyclette to love! Nick cooks fabulous omelettes for lunch. Later we are invited to drinks with yet more friends after which we take the rib across the marina to eat at a waterfront restaurant whilst a small and festive political rally takes place in the square. Tomorrow Janthina fully expects to be afloat on open water…………..


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