Winding down

Rosemary and Bas went home on Sunday night.  They caught the overnight ferry from Ouistreham so they could sleep through the journey and get the best out of the daylight hours they had set aside for their visit to St V.  Much of the weekend was spent on the shore, and eating!

We went back to the Fuchsias on Saturday night for a treat.  I chose the same things to eat because I didn’t want to risk choosing something I would not like as much!  Once again my duck main course looked like a work by Mir.  In fact it bore a very close resemblance to her ‘Mother and Bird by Moonlight’!

During the weekend we made two lunches out of our clam harvests, the first a risotto, the second a passable Pasta al Vongole.  We also had a small tasting ceremony for the whelks we had collected from the shore at St Vaast.  I boiled these for 7 minutes with a bay leaf and some thyme and we ate them with a splodge of mayonnaise.  Rosemary and Liz found them ok.  Bas was happy to leave the tasting to the rest of us.

On Monday Nick went fishing with Gerard and took him to a wreck recommended by Daniel where they had a decent haul of pollack.  Liz and I took the car off in the afternoon to look at the various houses Nick and I had considered three years ago.  Both the houses at Grandcamp Maisy and La Cambe appeared to be unsold.

We drove into Carentan in search of a shop I had heard about which sells traditional kitchen equipment.  Such shops are called Quincailleries.  I’d like to get my own cast iron skillets instead of borrowing Daniel’s.  We found one that was too expensive.  I will look out for some at Vides Greniers (Car Boot Sales).

Liz wished to take us out for lunch before she leaves St V.  We chose a restaurant at Cosqueville, close to the north coast where we could walk a stretch.  Nick dropped us near the shore and drove back to St V to get a few things done, agreeing to come to Pointe de Neville in 90 minutes, giving us that time to walk the 5.5 klix of sand and gravelly beach.

It was a clear, sunny afternoon if a bit chilly.  The beach was amazingly clear of rubbish, with just a few thin strandlines of seaweed and not much else.  We picked up some pebbles, some seaglass and some small pieces of driftwood.  As we arrived at Pointe de Neville, Nick pulled up in the car.

Supper was one of those very easy affairs when you bring all the plates and pots of leftovers out of the fridge and lay up an array of goodies.  I made a crumble with our first pullings of forced rhubarb.  It is tender, fleshy and the most delicate pink.  Afterwards Nick played pool with Francois and Daniel.  They don’t get any quieter!  So Liz and I joined them and played some doubles.


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