New Beginnings

After a seemingly unbreakable addiction to pen and paper in matters of journal-keeping I have been weaned off, finally, swayed by the pressures of time and expedience (and the cost of colour cartridges for my printer).  The chunky books, bulging with photos, will now be consigned to shelves and I will be able to fly over the keyboard, tapping out my words as they pop into my head.  We arrived in St Vaast yesterday afternoon having previously left our French home in winter (mid-February) and we find spring is in evidence with the second blooming of daffs planted by our friend Andrew in the autumn of 2007.  We unpacked the car, brim-full as usual, this time with pots and plants and the remaining two dining chairs which join their fellows and our big round table.  We explored our new mini-gym and bathroom complex, finished at last after over-running its schedule.  It was worth the wait.  The house is now complete.  I had a session on the treadmill before I went to bed (awake at 3.30 a.m. yesterday and luckily unable to sleep again as I got up and then went flat out preparing for the off at 6 a.m.), Nick preferring to play pool with Daniel.  I could hear them above me, with the juke box playing Edith Piaf, laughing like schoolboys.  Last night it was Daniel’s turn to “marcher sur l’eau” but as players they are evenly balanced.  Today Nick and I have shopped, had a couple of drinks in the Bar and are now about to go out for a walk across the sand flats to check out the Peche a Pied activities on this very low spring (Equinoctial) tide.  More anon
PS  As I remarked to CJ, I can always print my blog off from time to time!!!


6 thoughts on “New Beginnings

  1. Bravo – as mentioned we can work on changing username to align to blog name in a day or so when it is unlocked again!! Sorry about that – in my eagerness to get you automated Will be great to keep track of you in France and keep Ted uptodate on what GW is up to!

    • No, if you mean the tree with yellow flowers it is one of the two Mimosas which were planted side by side by previous owners. Means we always have Mimosa in flower. Other delights are Camellia, spring crocus and Chionodoxa, aren’t the latter just lovely? I need to learn how to caption my pix but probably easiest is to rename them before posting. Jx.

  2. Andy – you are right it is an Acacia = Mimosa Wikipedia tells me! In France they use the term Acacia as a vernacular name for Robinia! Very confusing…

    • be intersting to know what species? There are several that are relatively common in cultivation. A. dealbata and A. baileyana. Can’t tell from the photo. A. baileyana is naturalized here in CA like everything else! If you have pollen allergies watch out!

      • I’ll take a close up photo and put it up in a day or so, maybe you could tell from that. I’ve been gardening this afternoon and found numerous seedlings of Geranium madarense which flowered its heart out last year then died. They have survived some severe frosts here. I now need to find homes………. anyone?

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